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We’re Pregnant! (And overwhelmed, and anxious, and so on)

Well. It happened. After five months of trying, weeks before our official cut off date, we did it. We got pregnant. I can’t even describe what it felt like, seeing that “yes” pop up in the little window. It was overwhelming. And not necessarily in a good way. It was an immediate “oh, FUCK”. I […]

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Still A Good Mom

We’ve been home a lot the last few weeks. First L. got croup, so we were home for a week waiting for the worst of the symptoms to pass. Then it was a long weekend, and then after three days of work, both my and L.’s classrooms were closed due to a positive Covid case. […]

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Fantasy play and Screen Time

I am a mom of contradictions. After a 6 am whining session that ended with L. throwing my TV remote at me, I decided we needed a screen time detox. No cartoons before 9 am. No cartoons for longer than an hour. Only ones that aren’t just bright colours and noise. And then at nap […]

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