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Little Fires Everywhere

We had a grass fire scare last night. It was 8km away, on the other side of a river, but I almost panicked. I had bags packed. I had food packed in a cooler. I had all my important documents together, my external hard drive packed, chargers all together. It was all on the floor […]

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The Importance of Watching

I think, sometimes, as an ECE, I forget to use what I know about children in the context of my own home. I have all these play experiences set up, pretty much any kind of toy you can imagine, but I forget to do the rest of it – observing, documenting, reflecting, planning. Take this […]

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She sat alone in the dark, rocking her child back and forth.The child was heavy in her arms.The weight felt foreign, an extension of herself that didn’t quite fit.It had demands that she never quite felt she could meet.Before had been easier. The physical connection had been a reassurance, an innate confidence in his moods, […]

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